DFA Material


  1. GeoGebra fourier_sawtooth: is a GeoGebra applet that shows a "classical" Fourier series of a periodic "sawtooth" wave.
  2. Octave/Matlab FFT: describes an example of computation of FFT.
  3. Octave/Matlab Even: Some examples of FFT of even functions and one odd!
  4. Octave/Matlab Related to exercise of Terras, pg.44 (b) : It visualizes the DFT of abs(x) for x in [-(n-1)/2,(n-1)/2] n odd.
  5. Matlab Hypercube: It shows the hypercube in different ways and then its spectrum. The source comes essentially from here.
  6. Matlab Booleans: It shows how to compute DFT related to boolean functions.
  7. Bent functions Bent functions: A short presentation on Bent functions by their Cayley graphs representations.